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My Mission

My mission is to make at least 1000 genuine working proficient to be more productive and successful. I want them to achieve their next-level success with their skills and hidden potential. This will assist them to formulate their consistent and long-term goals. 

My Expertise

Condensed with 29 years of research and career reinforcement for working professionals like never before! I am focusing on assisting an individual to attain their next level of success without any hindrances, realizing their unseen perspective and significance along with personal power. 

My Community

I am equipped with the next-level professional community that is self-dependent and ready for its future aspects. We connect with compatible professionals worldwide who have the desire to create an impact on their Next Level of Success as well as productivity. 

Ready to find out where your Career Revival journey can take you?

A Committed Corporate Executive Turned a Successful High-Ticket Professional- Coach, Mentor and Speaker, I will share the 29 years’ worth of experience, along with the effective strategies , success principles and tips I used to get back up every single time and soar to even greater heights in career. And that works magically for my clients!

We’re talking about proven, no fluff, experience backed advice coming from a real Corporate Professional, that works, so you can finally have the Success that feels Good with impact and respect you deserve.

Your career journey is made up of many different levels,after all.

Together, we’ll unlock your hidden potential to rediscover yourself , overcome what’s holding you back to ensure you get to be you’re meant to be, do take right actions and have Next Level Success in Career .​

It’s time to get back up and take your success to the next level.


Rediscover Self

The secret to your success is not out there, it's inside you. Introspection and self-discovery are powerful tools for career success.

Gain access to an in depth process not to just know but rediscover and relaunch yourself - Let your Career Success be reflection of what matters most to YOU.

With clarity and direction, you can make your next career move with confidence and achieve even greater things than you ever thought possible.

Eliminate self doubt, unwarranted beliefs and embrace your Personal power


Authority Positioning

Significance! You worked hard for years! Time to command Respect, Recognition and your worth.
Time to stand out and not just fit in.
Learn how to establish yourself as an Authority in your domain, and overcome any fears of being redundant.
Cut the Noise and Create an Impact!


High-Impact Skills

Skills are the new currency in the working world. Technical skills are a given in today's competitive job market.
To set yourself apart and achieve the next level of success, you need to have the right skills - the High Impact skills that give you an edge and make you indispensable.
They are what set you apart and you become value-able. Stay ahead of the curve and future-ready!

7 Personal Powers

For Achieving The NEXT LEVEL - Richer, Stronger, Happier YOU!

The Impower Code - encourages you to understand the real meaning of Personal Power - Power within you, around You and that can be acquired by you!

It unveils 7 personal Powers that will enable you to be Best Version of yourself. Life makes us vulnerable when we least expect it! It makes us accept reality and then gives us the strength to change it , if we want.

The Impower Code is a timeless appeal for each person who believes in his potential and is committed to achieve Next level Success in life!


Hey Coach Shilpa, I just want to give you an update on my progressions. I finally hit my M-T-O goals since I’ve been on this journey with you and your guidance. Since the last two months, I am consistently hitting my financial targets with 5 figures income! Also, I just want to thank you again for your superb coaching sessions to lead the professionals to next-level success! You are such an Amazing Coach and I am grateful to You and I Appreciate your efforts and suitable solutions!


It was nice to have words with Shilpa ma’am, she took a lot of effort and patience to understand my problem and describe the same easily in one sentence with valuable advice. What I like most about her session is that she understands my problem and emphasis changing me to come out of the recurring event. She suggested that switching job, again and again, is not a solution first I would like to work on myself to be clear about what I’m looking for before finding the right opportunity.


It's been a great pleasure and an opportunity to learn the skills of right closing in unique manner by Shilpa ma'am.Under her guidance and innovative ideas in handling objections were very useful and thus strengthening the SHA infotech in manifold ways.

I really appreciate her as a patient person which makes other to learn comfortably the skills a person should actually have while closing.Once again a big thank to her for her guidance and sincere efforts which she had tried to put in our whole team of SHA.

Avneet K

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Shilpa Joshi


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